Troi Leonard



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Troi Leonard.

The Healing Session with Troi Leonard:

All manner of Instruments and Energy Systems may be applied to achieve the Healing Flow, yet the Human Voice transcends ALL, creating the healing OVERTONES, composing our Multi Dimensional Nature. At the age of 22, my Soul called my name and awoke me to my higher purpose and mission on earth. After many years of working with the HARMONICS of SOUND, COLOR & VIBRATION, especially through the SEVEN RAYS, shared through the Practical System of Elias de Mohan, and teachings of the Tibetan, Djwhal Khul, known by the writings of Alice A. Bailey, various initiations occurred, with specific sounds of INNER BELLS & GONGS, opening me to New Levels of Consciousness, culminating with a Huge White Cobra, Opening the Third Eye, which I physically felt for weeks.
Through the activating power of “TONING the VOWELS” of the Word of Creation, the “HUM, OM & SILENT SOUND”, and Intuitively adjusting the needed Pitch, a HARMONIC RESONANCE is re-established in the AT-OMS and Subatomic Particles of the ETHERIC Levels within the Auric Field and Chakra Systems.

A Healing Session, lasting approximately 1 – 1-1/4hrs., provides Intuitive Counsel, Soul Guidance, and Healing Energy Flow, including HARMONIC OVERTONES, to clear old, outdated thought patterns, emotional matter , and stuck crystallized etheric forms, as TRANSFORMATION of Self and Soul.

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