Julia Smith

Julia Smith - Inner Tranquillity & PeaceSound Healer & facilitator of Sacred Ceremony

Julia has had a background in music since a small child, and in the last 7 years she has been practising as a sound healer, colour therapist and conduit for her own flavour of high vibrating energy, all of which assist people to re-align their energy field to better mind, body and emotional health and soul expansion.

She is committed to her soul evolution and has spent many years purifying and expanding her energy field, and has a recurring theme of Metatron turning up along the way, creating a strong affiliation to the Angelic Realm and Crystalline Kingdom. Her soul expansion lead to her various personal Spiritual Initiations whilst starting to work with Mother Earth, sacred sites and multidimensional beings, first in Peru in 2012, then assisting anchoring in New Cosmic Frequencies in Patagonia and Easter Island in Chile in 2013 which was over lighted by Metatron, and in 2014 she was given a mission by the Ascended Masters working with Multidimensional Beings of Light in various parts of Turkey.

The Metatron energy connection was recently heightened when Julia studied with Ekaterina Sophia of Russia, learning the Russian Orthodox ways of Sacred Ceremony, and being initiated into the Metatron energies, that when invoked assist to regulate, reorganise and harmonise matter. She was also initiated into the Angel Sophia energies that when invoked bring through a tangible warm, soft and loving energy of the Divine Mother.

Circle of Light

Circle of Light – Sacred Ceremonies

Julia loves Sacred Ceremonies and recently joined Narelle Green, Diana de Principio and Teresa Hills to conduct Circle of Light Sacred Ceremonies.  Julia felt strongly guided in the importance of publicly making available a fun and powerful way for people to harness the cosmic energies via moon cycles and celestial events. Julia is particularly working with the Great Invocation prayer and via her voice is bringing through frequencies that activate peoples reconnection of their personal Antahkarana, the vital Rainbow Bridge to the Soul, or direct Soul reconnection to Divinity. She recognises the importance of connecting with the themes of each cycle, re-connecting our Antahkarana rainbow bridge to the soul, the magnification of energy when each soul joins the group, and being of Service to the Earth and world as we join together in prayer, purifying and empowerment in an environment of Sacred Spiritual Ritual.

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