AOL Bulletin – 23rd August 2017

The aim of this week’s newsletter is to remind you to embrace new beginnings


Message from Rosemary

Rosemary Butterworth - Michael's MessengerRosemary and John would like to thank everyone for all their support and love that was shown to them on Monday night, by those who attended as well as those who were not able to.  They would love you to stay in touch with them and come and visit them up at their beautiful home Jacaranda Haven.  Below are Rosemary’s contact details.
Address :  407 Avalon Road, Dyers Crossing (Only half an hour from Forster).
Phone :  02 6550 2169 / 0414 941 543
Rosemary will still be doing phone sessions as well as personal healings, so please drop by.

What’s All the Stuff About The Eclipse Energies ?

EclipseHere are a couple of clips with metaphysical explanations of the significance of the energies around 8-21 Aug 2017. If that is all a bit much to digest here is the executive summary : Energies will amplify intent and response, so be mindful of Responding from Aware Self, not Reacting from Ego.
Click here to watch Sandra Walters explain the eclipse and what it means to all wayshowers andCrop Cirlces Eclipse lightworkers
Click here to listen to Magenta Pixie explaining the Emerald Gateway or the time portal we are currently experiencing.


Facebook AOL LogoWHAT’S ON AT AOL On Monday Nights

Where : Mosman Arts & Community Centre, Cnr of Art Gallery Way and Myahgah Road.
When: Monday Nights 7.30pm – 9.30pm



MONDAY 28th August 2017

With the retirement of Rosemary, John & Peggy, things will be different moving forward and we would love your  input on what that will be.  We will be holding a meeting at 7.30 Mon 28 Aug in the Melody Room at Mosman Art Gallery, dedicated to discussing options on the future activities and form of Academy of light Inc. |
We are fortunate that some people with great experience in running their own online spiritual communities have expressed interest in partnering with AOL and will be joining us that night: 
 *  Deborah Fairfull, who lives locally and joined us last meeting, see
*  Karen Swain, who was involved with running SCAL back in “the old days”, see
Everyone is welcome to attend, but any voting that may subsequently take place will require voters to register as Members of AOL Inc.  Some background on the AOL Inc. association and membership below.    
Rosemary and John Butterworth founded  The Southern Cross Academy of Light, and for many years ran it as their own business. Several years ago, to facilitate a transition to an organization that could grow without their involvement, the Academy of Light Inc. (AOL Inc) was formed. This is a not-for-profit association registered with NSW Fair Trading, similar to other community clubs, like a sports club. As a registered association it has adopted the NSW Fair Trading Model Constitution. This requires that changes to the running of the organization be voted on by Members. In the past this was done by a small group of Members, but now it is appropriate that this be increased. Being a Member does not entail any responsibility other than recording you as a Member with voting rights. However, we do hope that some Members will be more actively involved in the Committee that runs the affairs of AOL Inc.  
A copy of the Membership Form can be downloaded here.
It would be helpful if you could download and bring the completed form to the meeting, or if you can not attend  
email to

Eventbrite - ACADEMY OF LIGHT Inc. FUTURE – What would You like ?

Please note : this is a free event but you can register your interest using the Eventbrite link above.

Academy of Light LogoIn and Around the Academy with Ari Porter.

Nancy Valentine-Smith & Farewell to John & Rosemary Butterworth

Rosemary & John The 21 August was the date of the solar eclipse in the USA and there was a lot of information on the Net describing the energy associated with the event. Nancy had described it as the most powerful day of the year, for breaking through and moving forward. As I write this I don’t know how it is going for the rest of the world, but it certainly was a night of big shifts at AOL, and sooo appropriate for the timing. Nancy lead us through a series of channelled transmissions, each one with a different energy and tone. We had the masculine energy of The Lion, the feminine energy of the The Rose, Lemuria, Angels and more ! A bit hard to remember when your consciousness is in a different dimension J. I sometimes joke about the “woo-woo” stuff when describing spiritual experiences, but this was literally “woo-woo” both vocally and energetically. Thankyou Nancy ! We then shifted to the other transition that was taking place that night, as we acknowledged the work of those have supported the work of SCAL / AOL and are moving on :
Jen – who is filling in as Treasurer and helps with the admin, unfortunately unable to join us tonight.
Deepti – our IT guru who publishes the newsletter, and posts to the website and Facebook.
Terri – a long term member of the team, including Treasurer, and “getting stuff done”. Who despite having officiallyNancy Valentine Smith resigned at the beginning of the year, put in a great effort to help pull things together for tonite.
Peggy – our longest serving team member, who was previously Secretary, organised the speakers and most of you would know as The Keeper of the Door.
Warren – who wears many hats, the President, Public Officer and Secretary and the generally looks after all the Academy documentation processes.
And of course Rosemary & John, the founders of “The Academy”. John took us briefly through the history when back in the early 1990’s a girl who channelled messages foretold that Rosemary would have a meeting with Archangel Michael in a forest. In 1994 Rosemary responded to the calling and went to Hawaii where the meeting took place and she was instructed to set up a space for The Light. John also reminded us of an Crowdimportant message that was delivered as a guideline for the meetings : “Let All Come to Give – Then All Will Receive” From the modest beginnings of 4 people meeting, the Southern Cross Academy of Light grew until at one time it had seven branches and for many years produced the quality “Shining Bright” magazine, which are now treasured collector’s items. The Grand Hall was filled with people who came to honour the work of John and Rosemary, and these were only a small portion of the many hundreds of lives that their work has touched. Ellie and Paulien lead us in song to express our Thanks and Love for their lifetime of service, and John lead us in his signature close of 3 Oms and the Sanskrit mantra. Then there was mild chaos as so many people who had been part of the journey shared with each other and took advantage of the product bargains on sale to celebrate. Monday nights won’t be the same, but neitherEllie&Paulien should we expect them to be. We hope you can be part of planning for the future next Monday nite, 7.30 in the Melody Room at the Mosman Art Gallery. I am writing this after midnight and a busy day and this will be the last report from Ari Porter and probably the last newsletter for a while, so “Thankyou and Goodnight”. Those people who have completed Membership forms or are attending the meeting next Mon will be on a mail list to receive information about the outcome of the meeting and voting for new Committee Members and Office Holders who will be responsible for running AOL.  

Thought Of The Week

New beginingsDo not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect. -Alan Cohen

Affirmation – say daily and slowly, feel it, believe it

Powerful changes are happening; I welcome and embrace them.


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